Data Entry Overview Sample & Example for Upwork Freelancers


While there are hundreds of types of works available on Upwork, Data Entry has always been one of the most demanding jobs here. But because of poor profile overview, many freelancers fail to get their desired jobs. If you need professional upwork overview for data entry then this article is yours. We will provide you two sample Upwork Profile Overview on Data Entry here so that you can write your own killer profile overview. But before that, let’s check out some basic information about this job sector.

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Client’s Expectations

Key to become successful as a freelancer is to perform as your client expects you to. As a Data Entry expert, you should take care of your clients requirements and expectations. What a client expects from a freelancer is never constant but there are some common needs which are always constant. Upwork Cover Letter is also an important fact here.

Your client expects you to be punctual, smart and creative. Experience is a big X factor in these types of jobs but even if you are new, you might get a job if your profile overview is exciting and unique.

That’s why it is really important to write an accurate profile overview without committing any mistakes. Check out the next segment to understand the common mistakes which should be avoided while writing your profile overview on Data Entry.


Mistakes to Avoid

First that should be kept in mind, your profile overview should not be a big essay. It should be short, interesting and informative. Clients want to hire freelancers who can attract them by their work, not by their words.

So, it is important to mention your previous job experience and success rate. But if you are new and have no experience, do not make fake claims as your probable client might check the information you provided.

Do not simply just copy and paste other people’s profile overviews as most of the clients are likely to check if your overview is authentic or not.

Do not make grammatical errors or other mistakes. Your profile overview should simply state the fact that you are a very dedicated and expert freelancer who can make his client’s project successful if the chance is given to him.


Data Entry Overview (Sample 01)

Hello, my name is (write down your name here). I am a dedicated and hard working person who believes in honesty and good working relation. Though I am new at this sector of job but I have certain qualities which makes me good at this.

I am graduate of Computer Science from the university of (write down your university name). My education background helps me to perform according to my client’s expectations.

I am very skilled in data entry and Excel works. I am also very qualified in data extracting and tele communicating. If you hire me, you will get many services at one time investment.

I am very much confident of our succession together as I am punctual and creative.I look forward to hear from you soon. Thank you.

Data Entry Overview Sample and Example for Upwork

Data Entry Overview (Sample 02)

Hello. My name is (your name here) and I am from (country name). I have been working as a Data Entry and Data Extracting Expert for more than 5 years now.

In my previous working years, I have finished many successful projects with 100% customer satisfaction. What makes me better than others is my punctuality and honesty. I would never accept a job proposal until I’m confident of making it successful.

I am very much skilful with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft WordPress. All your given tasks will be performed on modern technologies like iPhone, MacBook or Android Devices.

I do not have any educational degree on this but I have vast experience in this sector of job and my successful work history is the proof of my ability.

You can contact me via Email or Skype if you want to hire me. Thank you.

Data Entry Overview Sample and Example for Upwork


Final Words

Do not copy and paste this for your own welfare. Rather, you should understand the pattern and write your own one. You always can attach more ideas and information if you find it necessary.




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