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Today I will discuss about an easy question and solve the answers also “How to increase the facebook page likes very quickly and randomly?” In the present time like 2015 and the latter the importance of Facebook page likes is enhancing day by day. If one has more than thousands of facebook likes then the page is considered as an important figure for the common people. Even if, it may not be a renowned page at all. So the facebook like is more important than a really important page.

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What is Facebook Page (Fan Page) & Facebook Like?

Facebook Page and Facebook Fun Page are all the same. Actually the design of the page for facebook had been created for the renowned people, place, news, artists, figures, etc. But now a days the it has crossed its limit. Now every single thing like blog, website, pet, house, etc are being engaged in facebook fan page. And the facebook users click on the like button means adding that page as their favorite one. For the latter, when the page admin post of share something in this page a notification appears in the liked users home notification panel.

The Benefits of Large Number of facebook Pages likes

  1. If your facebook page likes are increased, the attract of the readers will also be increased and make them more to stay on your blog.
  1. Web traffic is an important thing for a blog site. So it may help your blog to improve the web traffic instantly.
  1. If you have thousands of facebook likes then you can share your link or anything you want very quickly by which you can cut readers and traffic.
  1. It can also help your blog to make a better position on search engine.
  1. Bloggers and Webmasters are attracted by the increase of facebook like.

Different Ways to Increase Facebook Page Likes Quickly

Here we will discuss all the outstanding instructions to boost your likes instantly and show utmost counts likes on facebook page. If you follow all the tips listed below, then you will be able to get huge Facebook likes. Lets See the instructions:

Adding a Facebook Likes Widget in Blog or Website:

Facebook has made it easier to the blogger and the web developer to add a facebook like widget by providing the Facebook social plugin. It’s nothing but some iframe code which will help you to add the like box as well the like button and increase the likes of your page. If you add this widget in your blog then when a visitor will visit your site then he of she can see the facebook like button and the possibility of increasing of facebook like will be increased.

One can also use a pop up facebook like widget for their blog which will increase the most possibility to make the like. But I forbade all to do this because this will loss your valuable time. It may slow down your site. Visitors may be face problem. So a normal widget is enough for this.

Buy the Facebook Likes from Some Sites:

Now a days buying facebook likes has become a common affair in the web. There are many online companies in the web who provide thousands of facebook likes at a low cost. So the increasing of facebook like in this way is very much easy. One of the finest websites is From this one can get many followers at a time and increase the facebook likes and web traffic as well.

But I recommended you to be apart from this activity because this like is commercial not the real. As a result after some days they can unlike your page. So as quickly the likes was increased all the same it may decreased.

Inviting Your Facebook Friends to Like Your Page:

You can easily increase your facebook page likes by inviting your friends through facebook automatic inviting system. For inviting you should find out the interested friends from your friend list of all. In order to invite your friends Go to your facebook page then Show the Admin Panel then select the friends from the list and finally send the request to like your page. Hopefully it will help you to increase your facebook page like and web traffic as well.

Updating Your Facebook Page Continuously:

We all of be acquainted with that every one likes new latest lethal news. So to make your facebook page more popularize we have to inform our page regularly on every day basis, it would carry us more and more likes since facebook page shares our posts on theirs walls and profiles, which will automatically alert the facebook user and thus they will like our page.

Advertise Your Page on Facebook:

Facebook itself gives us tremendous prospect to advertise your site, page or brands on facebook with small quantity of money. If you advertise your page on facebook then the ads will appear most of the people’s facebook home pages. At the right corner of your home page you usually see some ads and your ads will also appear on that place and the possibility of the increasing facebook likes will be increased. If you are more interested to increase your fan page likes then you may follow this process.

Some Online Tools To Boost Your Facebook Page likes:

There are some online tools to increase your face book page likes. Actually it’s are not a tool but one kind of websites. In such kind of web sites you have to register first then you will be able to add your page in this site. Then you have to collect coin, token or point and these will be earned by liking some others pages. Then you have to make a rate for your pages and when any one like your pages then your coin, dollar, token or point will be decreased. There are thousands of websites which are engaged with this activity. Among them there are Admefast, linkcollider, swapes, etc. It is a very quick way to increase your facebook page likes. The more you like and the more you get likes. But I recommended you to not to do this. Because if you do this kind of activity then you will not be able to get the real followers thus you will fail to collect traffic. Sometimes it is so happen that after some days the followers unlike your pages and your page likes are decreased.

Share Your Ideas about Facebook Page likes

From the very beginning of this post I am telling you about the various kinds of ways to increase your facebook page likes. If you follow these processes continuously then you will be surely able to increase your facebook page likes. I am not telling you that these are the only process of increasing your facebook page like. There may be some other useful way to increase facebook page likes. If you have a better idea then you can share with us. Thanks to all




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