How to Get a Job in Upwork (10+ Killer Tips)


Starting your career as a freelancer can be easier by this tips and tricks. Creating a profile on upwork is easier but getting a job is very very difficult. Sometimes it so happens that new freelancers are applying and applying but not getting any response from the clients. Today I will discuss about some powerful tips to win a job in upwork.

I am going to write in a short-cut way so that you may not have to spend a lot of time but please follow every single tip with a great attention. Let’s get started

  1. Present your cover letter smartly, not hardly: Directly hit there where your client has more interest. For example: Your client posted a data entry job and want night work. So first of all you have to let him know that you are very very interested in night job.
  2. Write a killer overviewIf your client is satisfied with your cover letter, he first comes to your profile and read your overview. So it should be small, neat and clean. Your professional title should also be attractive.
  3. Do not apply where you yourself have not belief to get job: Quality is better than quantity. Sometimes freelancers apply for a job where he knows that he will not get the job. I strongly forbade you to apply for those jobs.
  4. Try to make your cover letter authentic: Don’t you have enough time to write cover letter for every single job? Then leave the freelancing. Copy-paste cover letter will not worth enough.
  5. Try to bid faster than others: I see every single job posting gets minimum ten candidates. So, faster applying can increase your possibility to win your first job on Upwork.
  6. Be careful about your Egnlish: Most of the clients of Upwork are from USA. So, you have to write standard English, otherwise the client will move to another.
  7. Do not make your cover letter unnecessarily large: Always try to avoid unnecessary words. Also, clients do not have enough time to read a large composition. Make it simple as much as possible.
  8. Try to avoid hard language, keep it simple: You are in a job sector not in your varsity exam. Please use daily words to explain your desire and skills. It can make sure that you are going to be hired on upwork.
  9. Try to use client’s name for the greetings instead of “sir, hiring manager”:  In the feedback section, you may find your client’s name. It will be very very effective if you can address him with his name.
  10. Convey your client about your time and availability: Time-table is an important matter. Before taking a project ask yourself if you have that time to complete the task.
  11. Be friendly with your client: It is a killer weapon. Always try to speak with smile. And try to be connected with your clients via social media sites. Use phone apps or something like that.
  12. Let your client know about the job progress: Make a weekly progress report and send it to your client. Your client is paying money for the progress and you have to earn that by any means.
  13. Never remain mute more than 1 week: Suppose your client is not responding but you have to message him and let him know about the project. Clients always like active freelancers.
  14. Let your client know about your action plan: Planning can pave the way for a long term project. You can make a monthly plan or yearly plan and send it to your client. And the action plan should be made in proper way  so that it can me acceptable. You can read: how to be successful in upwork?
  15. Never answer directly like “I cannot” rather use “I will try my best”: Negative words are very very harmful in corporate world. You have to mix some honey with your words. Ha Ha 🙂
  16. Try to keep in touch with your client in social media sites: Like, Comment and Share your client’s postings in social media sites. You have to be a family member of your client to acquire trust.
  17. One smile can earn more than millions…. Keep in mind.
  18. Never apply if you are not qualified for that job and if you do not have the required skills: There is a saying “First learning then Earning”. I strongly recommend you to learn the work fast then come to Upwork.
  19. Do not try to cheat your client, rather help your client: Cheating can earn more money for the beginning but you may have to suffer for the long run. Always try to be fair in your words and work.
  20. Do not give up hope, apply again and again: Just imagine, after completing your study, you have to apply again and again to get a corporate job, so why not in freelancing. You think freelancing job is cheap? You have to always respect where there a matter of money.

I hope you will follow my directions as a beginner in upwork. Also you can share your experiences with us via comment section. If you fall in any trouble in freelancing career, please feel free to contact with us 🙂




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