Upwork for Beginner: 100% Real Guide to Success


Are you a beginner in the field of upwork? Are looking for some suggestions to improve your position in order to make money on upwork? Actually who doesn’t wan to make some extra money. But earning money was never been so easy and it is still a a difficult task. Everyday thousands of freelancers are making profile on Upwork but only a few becomes successful. Do you know the reason behind it? The only reason is: they thought it will be easier to earn money from Upwork, “less work and more earn“. Lazy person can never make a good money. However, today  we are going to inform you about all the tricks that you need to know as a newbie on Upwork. So, let’s check what we have to share with you.


Upwork for Beginner: Some Steps are Must

As a newbie on Upwork you must know what the most necessary things are to do to be a successful freelancer. Here you go with the steps. Follow these steps carefully and you are surely going to be a successful freelancer within a very short time.

  1. Profile: First of all make your profile 100% complete with all the honest information of you. Add your skill and experience also to make it strong.
  2. Title: Use a grand title that is relevant to your work and help you in search engine optimization.
  3. Photo: Upload a professional picture of you with a smile. Make it sure that your picture is of high resolution and express your confidence and helpful attribution.
  4. Overview: Write a wonderful overview in your profile. It is the most important thing that will make the difference of other competitor with you. Apply your intelligence here. Don’t make it unnecessarily large and boring. Rather make it concise and answer here why you should be hired.
  5. Tests: Take all the relevant tests and show your result on the top of your profile. It will help you client to have belief of your skill and you will be able to increase your job quota to at least 25 applications.
  6. Video: You may add a short video clip of you saying something to your client directly. It will give your client a chance to hear from you.
  7. Active: Remain active and search for your relevant work as much as possible. You cannot remain inactive for long.
  8. Client: As a newbie on upwork you must bid only for those clients who are verified to avoid your unnecessary complexity. Verified clients are trustable in every way.
  9. Proposal: Always use a new proposal or response to your client. Never do any copy paste in such case. Clients always prefer a unique writing.
  10. Portfolio: Add a portfolio of your works and try to give the direct link of your portfolio in your cover letter so that your client may easily check your portfolio.
  11. Description: Before making a proposal read through the job post carefully and research your client to understand what your client is exactly looking for.
  12. Cover Letter: When you are going to write a proposal, make sure your cover letter is the best one to attract your client. Make your client believe that you are the only person that your client needs to solve his problem. Be creative in your cover letter as much as possible.
  13. Contact: If a client wants to communicate with you, response to him as early as possible. Your quick response will please your client. You may also use your skype, email or hangout account to show your availability for 24 hours.
  14. Payment: As a newbie you should not ask for upfront payment. You will be able to do it in future after having some experience as a freelancer.
  15. Bank: Being a beginner in freelancing you must use a trustful account to receive your wage.
  16. Skills: After getting hired give your best effort to make your job excellent. Try to impress your client through your skill. It will help you to get the next project of your client also.
  17. Rating: If your client is pleased with your work ask him for five star rating and some good comments that will help to attract other clients in future.
  18. Update: As soon as you complete any project add it immediately in your portfolio and update your profile.

These are all the steps you must follow as a beginner on Upwork. Still if you face any problem take help from other freelancers for the betterment. Hopefully our instructions will help you a lot to start your career as a freelancer. If you also find it helpful share it with others. Wish you all the best with your career as a freelancer.




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