Data Entry Cover Letter Sample for Upwork


Data entry is one of the most demanding jobs in freelancing world right now. According to google everyday more than 1 million data entry jobs posted by various clients all over the world with freelancing, Upwork and with some other website. As a matter of fact the amount of workers in data entry sector is huge. So, if someone wants to get a job here need to be very skilled so that he can do the jobs well for the clients and also can explain the client well about the skills he has. And that’s why writing a cover letter full of perfect is required. For writing a perfect upwork cover letter for data entry there are some tips to be followed by-


How to write a Data Entry Cover Letter for Upwork?

When you are writing a cover letter you need to concern always with one thing that the client will judge you by the cover letter. Which means the chance of getting the job is totally depends on the cover letter you post to the clients. As a fact you need to write a cover letter which can impress the client so that you can get the job. For this you need to follow tips given below –

The first thing you need to do is reading the whole job posting description. Because sometimes the clients puts some information in the writing which you need to write in the cover letter also. If you fail to fill up those requirements at the first stage no doubt the client won’t read your letter.

Secondly, you need to make your client understand that you are a data entry expert and you know all the basics of data entry. So, that the client can understand well working with you won’t be pathetic as now most freelancers don’t know the work properly.

Time is a very important factor here. In the cover letter you should input your time schedule for the job. How long can you stay online? When the clients can get you. Sometimes if you have client from America then you will have to follow schedules by his time. So, you need to make sure that you can stay online more than 7-8 hours a day.

You also need to share some experiences you have in this sectors of working. If you have any related work experience then it’s good to mention those skills in the cover letter. Your experience can impress the clients to get the job.

The last thing you need to be bold with your words. Suppose you shouldn’t miss your work submission date. It can effect on your job performance. So, be sure before you say something to the client.


Upwork Cover Letter Sample for Data Entry

Dear Hiring Manager,
Hope you are fine and happy with your life.
Before I start my letter I want to thank you for posting the job. In your job posting you are looking for a Data entry expert who knows every basic of data entry works. The job made me happy as because the skills required in the job matches with me properly. Nowadays there’s bunch of freelancers available who ensure you to work properly but they don’t keep their promises. Most people don’t even know the work strategy properly. By reading your job description what I have come to understand that you want someone who can complete the task faster and also with perfection.
I have all the required skills that you posted in the description. As being a skilled data entry employee I would like to offer myself as a candidate for the job. It’s been almost 6 years I’m working with data entry, data importing, data exporting. In these 6 years I have worked with lots of people and companies which has made me a skilled and experienced data entry worker. My typing speed has also proven satisfactory to all my old clients. And I’m also okay with your time schedule so the time can’t do any harm in our work.
For knowing more about my skills you are requested to visit my profile and read the satisfactory posts that are posted by my previous clients. Your job made me so curious that I just can’t wait to have the job and complete it quickly and properly. And I can assure that I’m the only data entry worker who can make you pleased by the work. So, all I want you to give me the opportunity to prove myself for the work.

My resume and references are attached for your review. I’m providing you my mail and skype to connect with me. I can assure you that I’ll be online for more than 60 hours in a week. And I’m willing to start your job as soon as you let me do the work.

(___your name_____)

That’s it! If you are willing to be a freelancers and don’t know how to write a cover letter than follow the tips written above. That’s enough to make you understand how to write a cover letter.




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